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  1. Dental corporate speaks out

    22 March 2017

    Following recent comments in the media about corporate dentistry and after the planned Bupa takeover was announced, Ian Wood speaks out about corporations in dentistry and the benefits they can bring.

  2. Latest Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Walthsall Healthcare Education Academy course dates for Professionals

    11 January 2017

    Latest Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Walthsall Healthcare Education Academy course dates for Professionals

  3. Dental Talent Tree Live Dental Jobs

    01 November 2016

    One of the leading dental sector recruiters - Dental Talent Tree has chosen to advertise their live jobs across the Dental Jobs Group Network.

  4. Charity campaign continues to raise vital awareness of oral health

    07 July 2016

    The 40th Birthday of National Smile Month has been celebrated up and down the country is what has been a momentous and emotional occasion for its organiser's the Oral Health Foundation.

  5. The key for cleaning between the teeth?

    25 May 2016

    To celebrate National Smile Month (16 May to 16 June), the Oral Health Foundation has released some fun but nonetheless impactful facts and figures.

  6. Dundee dental students set nationwide example

    25 May 2016

    Students from the University of Dundee School of Dentistry have been recognised by a panel of dental experts for their work with some of the most in need areas of society.

  7. Excel programme first dental service to be awarded UKAS accreditation

    12 January 2016

    Denplan’s Excel programme has received UKAS accreditation, becoming the first dental service to achieve this recognition.

  8. 12 ways to share a smile

    06 December 2015

    Oral health charity, the British Dental Health Foundation, is asking you to forget the poor weather, terrible traffic, bad service and all of life's other annoyances and really find something to smile about.

    A simple smile can be the most powerful tool at our disposal... and we all have one. It can improve our mood, increase our self-esteem and it is also highly infectious!

  9. 25 CV mistakes you need to fix right now

    16 July 2015

    You may be perfect for the job, but if your résumé has just one typo, if it's formatted poorly, or you use the wrong font, it could easily end up in the "no" pile.

  10. Smile it’s summer! Sunbathing to healthier gums

    27 June 2015

    With the year just starting to really hot up there could be yet another reason to smile this summer with research showing getting some sun could be beneficial to gum health.

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