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Dental corporate speaks out

22 March 2017


Following recentcomments in the media about corporate dentistry and after the planned Bupa takeover wasannounced, Ian Wood speaks out aboutcorporations in dentistry and the benefits they can bring.


In recent weeks readers of this publication, and others, mayhave seen considerable commentary about the role of corporates in the world ofdentistry. While certainly thought-provoking, much of it has been wide of themark, and fails to appreciate the realities of what is a highly competitivemarket for all – sole practitioner or high street chain.


There’s a saying pertinent to whatever size ofpractice or company you run: ‘The main thing is to focus on the main thing’ andat Oasis, the main thing has always been patient care. We understand fully thata clinical care business is not a retail business and you can’t measure successin terms of units sold. Success is providing appropriate and affordable care ata time and location that suits the patient.


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